Who is Alex D´Arcy

Alex D´Arcy is a magician settled in the Algarve, south of Portugal.

He has been the magic consultant of the prime time, top TV rating program, “Minutos Mágicos com Mário Daniel”, in the Portuguese SIC TV Channel, with whom he still works regularly as well as with other nationally and internationally acclaimed magicians.

He is also the creator and performer in several magic shows in Portugal and abroad.

For several years he has been the performer and consultant of shows in the best hotels, weddings and personalized corporate events.


Some different ways to experience our shows


Magic done in an intimate environment, where the illusions happen mere centimeters away, under the careful look of the audience members with full interaction with them, creating in this way a truly magical experience.

Its without a doubt the best option for a wedding, dinner or any other venue where a stage is not present.

Parlour/Stage Magic

Show using bigger illusions being the perfect option for a wider audience.

In big gala shows or longer presentations, Alex D’Arcy can split the show in smaller parts over the duration of your event, making it an unforgettable experience.

Grand Illusion Show

The perfect show for bigger stages and big audiences where grand illusions like levitations and cutting a woman in thirds are used among others equally amazing illusions.

Like on the other shows, comedy and audience interaction and a constant presence.

Mind Reading

Do you believe it’s possible to predict the future? Influence your choices? Read your mind?

In this show you will have the opportunity to witness all of this and a lot more in a mystifying journey to the inside of your mind where Alex D’Arcy will leave you wondering if it was real or not.


Through Workshops and Teambuilding actions, Alex D’Arcy will help your team to better interact and integrate with each other, using several magical challenges to be solved in small groups, developing team work and problem-solving abilities in a magical, intriguing and totally different way.

Corporate Events

Do you want to do a product launch in a totally original way? Turn your event dinner into a unique moment? Introduce the main speaker or CEO in a truly astonishing and magical way?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes then Alex D’Arcy is the perfect choice for your event, with presentations totally personalized to your company and event.


Some opinions of our shows

See more testimonials
Spencer Jones
CEO Pan Atlantic Foundation

Your show was amazing. Would you like to come to Cuba for our next event?

Robert Huffman
Singer and entertainer from Las Vegas

This is an experienced and dedicated magician and illusionist. His passion for the art form is evident throughout his performances. I highly recommend his shows to all, young and old!

Paul Philippart
Magic duo "Philippart and Anja"

Alex´s show is not just a magic show, it´s a FUN show. I was genuinely amused when attending his show. He´s funny, likeable and very talented. A must see for the whole family.

David Sousa
World Champion of Magic-Manipulation

I had the chance of seeing his shows several times, which translate the art of his experience and knowledge. I recommend it do anyone that likes to have a good time and be carried away by strong visual moments. Intensively magical and fun.

Ivo Rosário
Lead singer from Linkin Park tribute band “Hybrid Theory”

Excellent professional and entertainer, equally excellent interaction, a great magician to see again! 10 *

Ricardo Alves

From his informal interludes in between friends, to his shows on stage, this artist leaves whoever sees him, without words. Congratulations and huge success wishes!

Vincent Mckoy
Artist Painter, dancer and entertainer

I first met Alex several years ago as we were preparing for a show. His close-up magic left me speechless. His humor and mastery of the stage is second to none! A joy for all to see !

Anja Philippart
From the magic duo "Philippart and Anja"

Surprisingly funny, very professional, we recommend him strongly!


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